What to Expect

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When you worship at Madison Baptist Church, you can expect a friendly congregation and an experience with God. We have two primary parking areas: directly across South Main Street and directly behind our Educational Building. Feel free to park anywhere. Our service is filled with music from a dedicated choir, talented soloists, especially our congregation.

Some would say we are traditional, but they’re just judging by our organ. You may worship any given week using contemporary christian songs, or you may hear the familiar music of the Baptist hymnal. Our goal isn’t to fit a ‘style’. Our goal is to worship God together in a way that glorifies him!

Come just as you are! Some people dress up, some people don’t. You don't have to wear a tie or a fancy dress here, but you can if you want to. God doesn’t tell us how to dress for church: he tells us what kind of heart to bring.

The most important thing to expect is that the gospel will be preached from the Bible, and we will respond to it together. Through hearing from God’s Word and encouraging one another, we come every week to be encouraged by the message of the gospel and to worship God together with passion and sincerity. Children’s church is provided for kids through second grade, and our pastor is available to meet with you before or after our worship service.