About Us

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Members of Madison Baptist Church are Christians first and Baptists second. Founded in 1834, Madison Baptist Church continues to be a leader in ministering within our community. We are the oldest Baptist church in our town and continue to offer the timeless message of salvation in Jesus Christ. We are older than almost every entity with whom we partner.

We strongly underscore our belief in the priesthood of all believers doctrine, and believe that every person much give their lives to Christ personally; having done so, every person is gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve the church according to God’s Word. Our local church is autonomous: the congregation calls and ordains its own pastors and deacons, and makes its own decisions about how to best follow the Great Commission in our community and in the world.

MBC worships the triune God every Sunday with joyful congregational singing, stirring musical offerings, and Biblical, expositional sermons.

We champion the discipleship of our youth and children, with discipleship opportunities every Sunday and Wednesday, as well as camps, events, preaching, worship, and more.

Above all, we are followers of Jesus. We are baptized as believers to say, “Jesus is our Lord. We follow him. His cross and resurrection is for us.” We give to missions because Jesus cares for the lost. We read God’s Word to hear from him and become more like Jesus. In all that we say and do, our goal is to be faithful followers of Jesus.