Janice Connelly

What are some of your hobbies?

I am most fond of playing with my grandchildren, traveling with my husband, trying artsy things, reading, and gardening

What's your favorite candy?

Chocolate is my favorite candy. Junior Mints, Peppermint Patties, and salted caramel chocolates especially.

Favorite sports teams?

My current favorite is the Newnan Cubs, but that will change as my fondness travels with my children and now grandchildren.

Favorite thing to do in Morgan County?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than walking through the historic residential and cemetery sections of Madison. There is so much to see and even hear. Where else in America will you hear someone say to their dog, “NO MA’AM. No ma’am! Sit!”?

How are you using your passion and calling to serve MBC?

God has gifted me with empathy and placed me in a position where I’m able to care for our members and help things run smoothly in our church life. As a volunteer, I work with our smallest people, sing in the choir, or serve others by helping decorate, set up, and/or clean up events, notarize documents, and most importantly, pray for MBC and all the concerns represented within.